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Temperatures reach minus 10 degrees in Manchester

snowfThe coldest winter in Manchester since 1981. Temperatures at night as low as -10 degrees celcius. Please take care driving in Manchester. The picture shows Fallowfield at night.

Snow pictures

Photos of Oxford Road Manchester in the snow.

Manchester University’s Hidden Society


The Burlington Society is hidden away like a Freemason’s dinner party. Luckily my friend, yes, the same friend who encouraged me lig through one whole day of Fresher’s Week, despite the fact that neither of us are students, knew of a free buffet for postgrads and mature students at this magical place. So off we went, biding our patience in the excessive queue yet revelling at the array of meat and cheese (I’m trying to go low carb) on offer. We didn’t socialise much, I mean, we couldn’t risk revealing our identities as non-students now but, it was well worth the visit.

Freshers Fair…They’re Back!


You know students are like Gremlins. They never eat after midnight, never get exposed to direct sunlight and never get wet. Okay, maybe they don’t have any of those things in common. But one thing’s for sure…they’re absolutely bloody everywhere! Now don’t get me wrong…I have nothing against students. In fact, I actually get a kick out of walking into Sainsbury’s on a Friday night and seeing two seemingly normal individuals dressed up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Despite the fact that a bus journey along Oxford Road now take up to 10 light years longer, they are capable of bringing a more vibrant vibe (those two words really don’t work together, do they?) to the area.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be talking about Freshers Fair. Well, after a friend of mine decided to pop along to promote his new book for students, (though he seemed more excited by the prospect of free food), I though I’d join him for moral support (but secretly also more excited by the idea of free food). Hey, I had some time to kill! Anyway, the Hoo-Har was in full force as girls dancing on the side of vans promoting the next big club night with the typical “Buy One Get 10 Shots Free Offer”, over-sexed anecdotes on the obligatory flyer and big-mouth promoter shouting loudly over his speaker phone. Dominos Pizza decided to swamp the entire Freshers Fair at BOTH universities, underestimating perhaps the demand and drawing in unmagaeable queues. The societies were in full force with everything from Student Communism to Horse Riding. The male friend I was with was hell bent on joining the cheerleading club and who was I to discourage him? They actually told him they were short on men. I’m saying nothing!

Perhaps the strangest sight of the day was the Nokia ice-cream van! I half expected Scooby Doo and The Mystery Gang to come running out and expose the ice-cream man as the student serial killer. And he would have gotten away with it too of it wasn’t for the fact that Nokia ice cream was such an unbelievable and suspicious concept. Funnily enough, it was so nice, I went back to have another one…okay two…okay, okay, three.  But it was all in the line of duty, I assure you. I mean, how else could I recommend the tastiest flavour to you. It was strawberry…no vanilla, no chocolate. I can’t quite make up my mind. I’ll have to get some more. Nokia, if you’re listening…??

Welcome to Oxford Road Manchester

oxford-road-manchesterOxford Road Manchester is a hip and happening hybrid of bars, culture, and students. One of the focal points of City Centre night-life with the likes of Kro (so popular Kro 2 was launched also on this very road) and Revolution, it draws a crowd of both students and young professionals. Yet with Manchester Museum, The Palace Theatre, and The Cornerhouse, it also provides a strong taste of culture. A fitting mix considering much of it’s target audience is comprised of students with both of Manchester’s universities here and within just a few hundred yards away from each other. Slapped right bang in the middle of the infamous Curry Mile and the City Centre itself, Oxford Road Manchester bears all the elements you’d expect from a city as strong and diverse as this.